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Natural Ingredients that are Effective in Repelling Mosquitoes at Home

Mosquitoes are insects that often carry dangerous diseases, such as dengue fever, West Nile, Zika and malaria.
Natural Ingredients that are Effective in Repelling Mosquitoes at Home

Natural Ingredients that are Effective in Repelling Mosquitoes at Home

“Mosquitoes are insects that often carry dangerous diseases, such as dengue fever, West Nile, Zika and malaria. To reduce the mosquito population, you can use natural ingredients, such as lavender, lemon eucalyptus oil and others."

Foodieaty – Mosquitoes are an animal that is often annoying. Their bites can not only make the skin bumpy and itchy but also cause various dangerous diseases.

However, did you know that there are natural ingredients that you can use to reduce the mosquito population at home? Come on, find out about natural mosquito repellent ingredients here!

Natural Mosquito Repellent Ingredients

Mosquitoes are insects that often carry viruses.

Various diseases that can occur due to insect bites include chikungunya, West Nile hemorrhagic fever, Zika, or malaria.

For more complete information regarding diseases that can occur due to mosquito bites, you can read this article: Know 4 Diseases Caused by Mosquito Bites.

That is why protecting yourself from mosquitoes as much as possible is important to avoid this disease.

So, apart from using anti-mosquito lotion, you can repel these insects with these natural ingredients:

1. Lemon eucalyptus oil

This natural ingredient has been a natural mosquito repellent for a long time and is 95 percent effective in providing body protection for 3 hours.

How to make it is easy, mix lemon eucalyptus oil and sunflower oil.

Spread the mixture all over the body to provide maximum protection.

Even though it is made from natural ingredients, you should not give lemon eucalyptus oil to children under three years old.

2. Lavender flowers

It is not without reason that many anti-mosquito lotion products use lavender scent.

In fact, this purple flower is analgesic, antifungal and antiseptic.

Apart from preventing insect bites, lavender is also effective in calming and soothing the skin.

The way to make anti-mosquito medicine from this natural ingredient is to crush lavender and apply the flower essence to open areas of the body such as the hands, feet or neck.

You can also drip it onto your pillow or bed sheet to provide maximum protection.

Apart from that, did you know that there are people who tend to be bitten by mosquitoes?

If you are curious about the reason, try reading this article: Find out 8 reasons why people like mosquitoes.

3. Cinnamon oil

To make mosquito repellent from cinnamon oil, mix ¼ teaspoon (24 drops) of oil with 4 ounces of water.

You can spray this mixture directly onto your skin, clothes or any room in the house.

It's best to be careful when applying oil to the skin because a too-thick mixture can increase the risk of skin irritation.

If you experience a rash or itching after using it, stop using it immediately and clean the skin with water.

4. Thyme oil

Thyme is effective in repelling mosquitoes which cause malaria. You can use this natural mosquito repellent in three ways.

First, burn the tyme leaves. The smoke from burning leaves is effective in killing these insects.

The second way, mix four drops of thyme oil with one spoonful of olive or jojoba oil, then drink.

Finally, mix five drops of thyme oil with 2 ounces of water. You can use this solution as a mosquito spray.

5. Lemongrass

Lemongrass or lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) is a fragrant plant that has many benefits for humans.

This herbal plant is one of many people's favorite fragrances because it emits a pleasant and calming aroma.

Unsurprisingly, this natural ingredient is used in various commercial products such as perfume, aromatherapy, lotions and candles.

Well, lemongrass contains citronella, a natural oil famous worldwide as a natural mosquito repellent.

Based on a scientific study on the efficiency of vegetable insect repellents in 2011, it was revealed that Citronella from lemongrass has a strong odor so it can repel mosquitoes within 2.5 hours and has been proven to reduce insect bites by up to 40 percent.

The way to use this natural ingredient is simply to burn a stalk of lemongrass indoors. The smoke can provide up to 50 percent extra protection.

6. Tea tree oil

Not only is it effective in treating acne, tea tree oil or tea trea oil is also effective in repelling these insects around the house thanks to its antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

How to make it by mixing a few drops of tea tree oil and water. Put this mixture in a spray bottle, then spray the liquid into the home environment.

7. Clove oil

Research has found that diluted topical clove oil is active in fighting mosquitoes. Research concludes that this natural ingredient is effective for almost four hours.

However, like thyme oil, you should not apply clove oil without diluting it first on the skin because it can be absorbed and cause bad effects.

To clove oil into a mosquito repellent, mix a quarter of a tablespoon of oil with about 100 milliliters of water. You can spray this mixture on your skin, clothes or room.

Apart from preventing mosquitoes with the natural ingredients above, you can also improve your body's health by consuming multivitamins so you don't get sick easily. You can get multivitamins easily at your favorite Health Store.

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